Lorraine Crompton

Mojo Instructor
Lorraine Crompton

Lorraine trained from an early age as a classical dancer and went on to work professionally all over the world for 12 years. During that time Lorraine developed a love for Pilates and used the technique for her own rehabilitation at times of injury as well as for day to day strength training. After the birth of her son, Lorraine decided to train as a Pilates instructor. She used pre and postnatal Pilates to get her body back into shape after a Caesarean section and wanted to help others do the same using the Pilates Technique.

Over time Lorraine has becomes experienced in many other areas of Pilates and her classes cater for everybody, combining traditional Joseph Pilates exercises and exercises used in the world of dance, making her classes enjoyable, interesting, effective and suitably challenging.

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