This is a two and half hour workshop designed for new starters and beginners, those returning to Pilates or regulars looking to perfect their technique.

You will learn how to master the fundamental principles of Pilates including lateral breathing, core engagement and perfecting postural alignment.

This workshop is usually available once a month and is delivered by one of the Mojo team who will be there to coach you through the basics and be on hand to answer any of your questions or queries. This session is especially useful for those who have never done Pilates before, are unsure if they are capable of participating in a regular class and / want to try it out before booking on to a full course.

You will not only gain a thorough understanding of Pilates and greater body awareness but will also gain confidence to attend a group class, having problem solved those common concerns such as…’will I be bendy enough?…am I co-ordinated enough?…can I get up off the floor ok?… and is it what I’m looking for?’.

Anyone can attend this workshop, its not just for beginners. Its actually good practice to re-visit the basics every once in a while, even for the most advanced of class members.

Prerequisites: This workshop is suitable for anyone who is able to get down to work on the floor and get back up independently.

Private 1:1 sessions are available for those who are unsure / unable to work in a group.