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Changes to the timetable

As of week beginning the 17th September there a changes to 2 of the classes on the timetable…

1. Monday 6.45pm Adlington class will become a Ballet Inspired pilates class, delivered by our very own Ballet dancer, Lorraine. Ballet Inspired Pilates is a beautiful fusion of ballet sequences and Pilates exercises. Challenge your fitness and physique in ways only possible by combining these 2 amazing disciplines. Be prepared to unleash your inner-ballerina! This class is not suitable for this with acute injuries / significant chronic conditions affecting one’s ability to exercise. A reasonable level of fitness is required but no previous ballet / Pilates experience is necessary.

2. Thursday 7.15pm Adlington class will become a Fitness Pilates class. This class is based around the original Pilates repertoire and blended with effective, exciting fitness routines to challenge every element of your fitness. It has greater intensity, pace and repetition than our rehab / Physio-led Pilates classes and is therefore not suitable for those with acute injuries / significant chronic conditions affecting one’s ability to exercise safely. A reasonable level of fitness is required for this class.

Coming soon….

….we are looking to add classes back to the timetable on a Tuesday evening at the Horwich studio and keen to diversify by adding a lovely Yoga class to the schedule. Yoga is extremely complimentary to the practice of Pilates and once you know Pilates well (as I’m sure you do by now!) then you will appreciate the differences between Yoga and Pilates.

We are also looking to start a postnatal Pilates based exercise class on a Friday at 11.45am in Adlington. Please follow us on Facebook and check the timetable for updates on when these 2 new classes are launched.

Online Booking

Thank you for your patience during the transition to online booking. I hope that you have all got the hang of it now. Its been nice to have positive feedback about the benefits fo you being able to mange your own bookings and that you have a much longer period in which to use your 6 classes. Please don’t hesitate to speak to your class teacher / email Mojo for support if needed. Remember there are 3 ways to manage your bookings, via the mojo site, the MINDBODY App and the MINDBODY site directly ( Please make sure you are aware of the new T&Cs which are available at the footer of our website, via the booking system at point of purchase and on a handout available form your class teacher.

Auto Renew 6 Class Pass

We have a new pricing option available for purchase called Auto Renew. This option works by automatically renewing your 6 class pass for you once you have used the last class on your current pass or when your pass expires, which ever is first. That way you don’t have to remember to log on to your account and purchase a new pass, you will always have class credit on your account…I know this has caught a few of you out! And to reward you for continued custom there is a 10% discount on this pricing option – so if you intended to come to class regularly this option is good value for money. The pricing option can be cancelled by you at any time – with no penalties / charges for ending it and no minimum period of use required. Please see your class teacher about this if you’re interested and they can sign you up for Auto-Renew.

Thank You

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for your kindness and well wishes to both me and my new baby boy. William was born on the 2nd June and is doing very well thank you…the time is going so quickly, I will be back teaching in no time!

Hope you’ve had a great summer and here’s to a fabulous Autumn.

Best wishes

Emma x

Mojo Pilates

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